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Autotome™ Pro RX

Cannulating Sphincterotome

Autotome™ Pro RX stacked product image.
Autotome™ Pro RX product image.
Autotome™ Pro RX product image.
Autotome™ Pro RX handle and device image.
Autotome™ Pro RX full product image.
Illustration of the the center-lumen design
Autotome Pro RX leverages the proven features of Autotome RX.
Blue insulated cut wire serves as visual marker.
The center-lumen design is the result of DirecTip™ Technology.

Autotome Pro RX is built upon the RX platform and leverages the proven features of the Autotome RX Cannulating Sphincterotome. In support of a successful ERCP procedure, new and enhanced features include a blue insulated cut wire and an optimized C-channel.*

Product Details

Choose Autotome Pro RX with confidence

Advance biliary access and cannulation during ERCP with the latest device in Boston Scientific’s RX short wire platform. A blue insulated cut wire serves as a visual marker to aid in device placement while an optimized C-channel* is designed for passability during ERCP. 

Autotome Pro RX is manufactured in a carbon neutral facility** – part of our commitment to environmental sustainability. 


Product Features & Benefits

Optimized for passability* 

An optimized C-channel enables passability without smaller guidewires exiting the channel during exchanges – so you can choose the most suitable guidewire. 

Facilitates placement 

A blue insulated cut wire located on the proximal end provides a clear visual marker to aid in device placement and positioning. 

Proven platform 

Used by physicians for more than two decades, Boston Scientific’s ERCP devices undergo continual advancements to address procedural challenges and physician preferences.  

DirecTip™ Technology with a center-lumen design: 

  • Enables guidewire extension from the sphincterotome tip to support positioning 

  • Helps ensure proper contrast injection into the intended duct 

  • Facilitates physician-controlled, wire-guided cannulation, which can reduce the risk of post-ERCP pancreatitis compared with the standard contrast injection method1

Flexcontrol system  

Enhances guidewire manipulation and bowing control 

Controlled steerability  

Streamlines positioning to facilitate sphincterotomy 

Tapered tip  

Accommodates varying patient anatomy, including small and tight orifices 

Ergonomic handle design  

Aids in tip movement and wire manipulation for cannulation 

Endoscopic markers along catheter 

Measurements to aid in device placement 

Exposed monofilament cutting wire 

Provides electrical continuity for controlled cutting of the sphincter and papilla 


Ordering Information

Order NumberDescription

Cut Wire (mm)

Tip Length (mm)

Distal Tip 

OD (Fr)

Recommended Guidewire (in)Packaging
M00584380Autotome Pro RX 44 Sphincterotome 25MM 2554.4 .025/.035Each 
M00584390Autotome Pro RX 39 Sphincterotome 25MM 2553.9.025 Each 
M00584400Dreamtome™ Pro RX  
44 - 25MM/260CM 
2554.4 .025/.035Each 
M00584410Dreamtome Pro RX  
44 - 25MM/450CM 
2554.4 .025/.035Each 
M00584420Hydratome™ Pro RX  
44 - 25MM/260CM 
2554.4 .025/.035Each 
M00584430Hydratome Pro RX  
44 - 25MM/450CM 
2554.4 .025/.035Each 
M00584440Jagtome™ Pro RX  
44 - 25-260-035 
2554.4 .025/.035Each 
M00584450Jagtome Pro RX  
44 - 25-450-035 
2554.4 .025/.035Each 
M00584460Jagtome Pro RX  
39 - 25-260-025 
2553.9.025 Each 
M00584470Jagtome Revolution Pro RX 39 - 25-260-025 2553.9.025 Each 
M00584480Jagtome Revolution Pro RX 39 - 25-450-025 2553.9.025 Each 
Color-coded packaging helps identify product on shelf.