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AdVance™ XP

Male Sling System

The AdVance XP Male Sling System has demonstrated cured and improved rates ranging from 63.1% - 83.0% at 5 years in patients with mild to moderate incontinence. 1,2


Patients may be continent immediately after this minimally invasive procedure, and most resume normal daily activities one to two weeks later.*3,4

The system consists of the following:

  • Sling: This component acts as a “hammock” to reposition and support the urethra.5-6 The polypropylene liner is designed to reduce pull-through resistance during sling passage and enables desired sling placement prior to fixation. Once desired placement is achieved, the heat-sealed edges are designed to enhance sling fixation and resorbable tensioning sutures increase sling tensile strength.  
  • Mesh: Three permanent tensioning threads integrated directly into the mesh reduce prep time and result in longer product shelf life than the prior design.

  • Chevron Anchors: Directional chevron anchors are designed for enhanced tissue fixation.

  • Helical Trocars: Helical wireform is designed specifically for transobturator needle passage in the male anatomy. Arrows indicate on which side of the patient’s body they should be used. Modified angle of the trocars is designed for ease of surgical passage.
  • Disposable Retractor System: Consisting of the Lonestar Retractor and Blunt Stay Hooks, the system is designed to assist with surgical retraction and increase your field of view.

*per physician's discretion