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Heart Connect™ System

Streamlined Workflow. More Efficient Treatment.

The Heart Connect System enables your team to share programmer screen information with other health care providers or your Boston Scientific representatives in real time for faster, more efficient treatment.
Patient and clinician sharing programmer screen information with a remote user via the Heart Connect System.

Get Real-Time Support

Whether you want to consult with another clinician or a Boston Scientific Representative, the Heart Connect System lets you skip the wait and share programmer screen information in real time.
Workflow graphic showing how the Heart Connect System helps clinicians share programmer screen information with remote users in real time.

Heart Connect Workflow Video

See how the Heart Connect System helps you share clinical expertise in real time between multiple clinics and/or systems, including the LATITUDE™ Consult System.
Video showing how Heart Connect helps you share programmer screen information. Heart Connect can also be used with the LATITUDE Consult System.


Product Overview

Product Overview

See how Heart Connect helps your team provide patient care more efficiently from the implant procedure to follow-up device checks.

Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

See how our complete portfolio of cardiac patient management solutions help improve efficiencies and patient outcomes.

Ownership of CRM Programmers, LATITUDE Consult™ and Heart Connect™ Systems
In some cases, Boston Scientific provides CRM Programmers, LATITUDE Consult Systems, and/or Heart Connect Systems for temporary use by hospitals and clinics. Boston Scientific does not sell or transfer title to any of this equipment within the United States, and any CRM programmers (including the model 3120, 3200, and 3300 programmers), LATITUDE Consult Communicators, and Heart Connect Systems in the U.S. are owned by Boston Scientific. If you need to return one of these devices to Boston Scientific, please contact 1-800-CARDIAC (227-3422) for instructions. If you have purchased or been given one of these devices by anyone other than Boston Scientific, please be advised that you do not have proper legal title to the equipment and that legal ownership remains with Boston Scientific. Boston Scientific reserves all rights to recover any equipment that has been illegally transferred or sold to third parties and to pursue legal action for such improper transfer.