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LATITUDE™ Programming System

Model 3300

LATITUDE Consult Carrying/Storage Bag
Latitude Programmer right end view
Latitude Programmer left end view
Latitude Programmer bottom view without cord
LATITUDE Programmer top view with cord
Latitude Programmer right end view
Latitude Programmer left end view
Latitude Programmer bottom view without cord

Patient Care. Clinical Convenience.
The LATITUDE Programming System, Model 3300 is a portable cardiac rhythm management (CRM) programming system designed to allow health care providers to interrogate, monitor and program Boston Scientific implantable pulse generators (IPGs).

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Product Details

The LATITUDE Programming System Model 3300 has been completely redesigned to offer an improved implant experience, more efficient workflow, and enhanced portability and convenience.

Improved Implant Experience
The LATITUDE Programming System’s flexible design allows implanting physicians to:

  • Assess electrical performance and placement of cardiac lead systems during implant of cardiac rhythm management (CRM) devices using the Integrated Pacing System Analyzer (PSA) application
  • One-button touch feature for preferred frequently used pacing settings. 
  • Easily toggle between the PSA and pulse generator (PG) screens
  • Utilize the PSA application to display real-time surface ECG and EGM traces and event markers during implant testing
  • Optimize lead placement using RV-LV timing measurements on screen
  • Visualize Current of Injury with Reference Signal, which allows the ability to see morphology changes over time to make smarter lead positioning decisions.
  • Evaluate slew rate, current and conduction timing data

More Efficient Workflow
Featuring expanded connectivity options and enhanced features for improved patient care and clinical convenience, the LATITUDE Programming System, Model 3300:

  • Quickly and accurately perform READ ONLY device interrogations with the LATITUDE Consult™ System
  • Provides a common programming platform that is compatible with all contemporary Boston Scientific pacemakers and defibrillators 
  • Enables sharing of programmer screen with remote users via integrated Heart Connect™ System
  • Features a redesigned wand with a more tactile surface and indicator light that confirms when the device is found
  • Supports Bluetooth™ connectivity for flexible transfer of data into an EMR system using the LATITUDE Link™ Data Management System
  • Provides faster processing capabilities for quicker device interrogations and data transfers
  • Reduces the number of steps required to save, transfer and print data reports 
  • Provides a Real-Time Log so you can easily record and annotate ECG and EGM data
  • Offers secure software downloads, which ensure recent system updates
  • Incorporates many of the same screens as the Model 3120 programmer which reduces time to learn the new product

Portable and Convenient
Designed with portability and clinical convenience in mind, the system:

  • Includes a rechargeable, internal Lithium-ion battery that provides up to two hours of power at typical use
  • Features a small and lightweight tablet design that weighs less than nine pounds
  • Has an easy grip handle and integrated wand holster for convenient transport.
  • Offers various viewing angles of the screen using the integrated footing or optional tilt stand

Ordering Information

To order a LATITUDE Programming System, Model 3300, please contact your sales representative at 1-800-CARDIAC (1-800-227-3422) or request a rep online.


Tools and Resources

Familiarize yourself with the programmer screens you will see during a typical follow-up. Associated de-identified patient case studies can be provided by your sales representative.
Learn about the data security features and required IT network configuration for the LATITUDE Programming System, Model 3300.
Explore online and in-person educational programs for physicians, fellows and allied health professionals.



Find out how our expanded connectivity options offer greater flexibility for managing and transferring patient data.

Data Management

Data Management

Automatically transfer critical data to a specific patient’s profile in the electronic medical record (EMR) with LATITUDE Link.

Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

See how our complete portfolio of cardiac patient management solutions help improve efficiencies and patient outcomes.

Ownership of CRM Programmers, LATITUDE Consult™ and Heart Connect™ Systems
In some cases, Boston Scientific provides CRM Programmers, LATITUDE Consult Systems, and/or Heart Connect Systems for temporary use by hospitals and clinics. Boston Scientific does not sell or transfer title to any of this equipment within the United States, and any CRM programmers (including the model 3120, 3200, and 3300 programmers), LATITUDE Consult Communicators, and Heart Connect Systems in the U.S. are owned by Boston Scientific. If you need to return one of these devices to Boston Scientific, please contact 1-800-CARDIAC (227-3422) for instructions. If you have purchased or been given one of these devices by anyone other than Boston Scientific, please be advised that you do not have proper legal title to the equipment and that legal ownership remains with Boston Scientific. Boston Scientific reserves all rights to recover any equipment that has been illegally transferred or sold to third parties and to pursue legal action for such improper transfer.