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LATITUDE Consult™ System

Convenient Access to Patient Reports

The LATITUDE Consult System empowers you to provide faster, more efficient treatment. Concise and conveniently formatted reports are available via email, fax or LATITUDE NXT (if the patient is enrolled). Please contact your sales representative if you have questions about receiving reports.
A clinician conducting a device check on a patient using LATITUDE Consult.

Physician Perspectives

Quote by Dr. James Leonard

"The information gained from LATITUDE Consult allows the ER physician to better care for my patients. I am provided with more timely and clinically significant data when a collaborative effort is needed for a patient in the ER.”1

Dr. Mark Dixon
Medical Director, Arrhythmia Center
Indiana University Health LaPorte Hospital

LATITUDE Consult Reports

Implanted device data in each report is current as of the time the device was read, which can include up to 12 months of device/lead trend data and the most recent stored episodes from the last 72 hours or up to six months (based on configuration).


  • Review Summary
  • Notes Completed by LATITUDE Consult Technical Services2


Quick Notes

  • Status Messages
  • Events Since Last Reset
  • Battery Status
  • Leads Summary
  • Settings Summary


Arrhythmia Logbook

  • Complete Logbook Available in Device at Time of Upload

Presenting EGM

  • 10- or 30-Seconds of Presenting Intercardiac Electrogram Tracings

Combined Follow-Up

  • Quick Notes Data
  • Histograms
  • Leads Trends
  • Health Trends2
  • HRV Data
  • Presenting EGM2


Device Settings

  • Complete Listing of Device Settings


Event Detail/Episodes

  • Last 72 Hours or 6 Months of Stored Episode Details/Episodes

Heart Failure Management

  • Status Messages
  • Events Since Last Reset
  • Battery Status
  • Health Trends
  • Counters
  • HRV Data
Product Overview

Product Overview

Find out how to quickly conduct device checks without needing to wait for a device expert to arrive 90% of the time.3



Discover how the LATITUDE Consult System can help you reduce the time to device analysis by up to 122 minutes.1

Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

See how our complete portfolio of cardiac patient management solutions help improve efficiencies and patient outcomes.



  1. Atherton C. Management of the Device Patient Outside the Arrhythmia Center. EP Lab Digest. August 2015.
  2. Presenting EGM and some health trends not available for ALTRUA/INSIGNIA on Combined Follow-up Report.
  3. Mittal, S., et. al., Performance of remote interrogation system for the in-hospital evaluation of cardiac implantable electronic devices, J Interv Card Electrophysiol, DOI 10.1007/s10840-105-0091-4 published online.



Ownership of CRM Programmers, LATITUDE Consult™ and Heart Connect™ Systems
In some cases, Boston Scientific provides CRM Programmers, LATITUDE Consult Systems, and/or Heart Connect Systems for temporary use by hospitals and clinics. Boston Scientific does not sell or transfer title to any of this equipment within the United States, and any CRM programmers (including the model 3120, 3200, and 3300 programmers), LATITUDE Consult Communicators, and Heart Connect Systems in the U.S. are owned by Boston Scientific. If you need to return one of these devices to Boston Scientific, please contact 1-800-CARDIAC (227-3422) for instructions. If you have purchased or been given one of these devices by anyone other than Boston Scientific, please be advised that you do not have proper legal title to the equipment and that legal ownership remains with Boston Scientific. Boston Scientific reserves all rights to recover any equipment that has been illegally transferred or sold to third parties and to pursue legal action for such improper transfer.