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Swiss LithoClast® Trilogy


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Watch how Trilogy’s electromagnetic system generates controlled ballistic energy simultaneously or independently with ultrasound to deliver powerful fragmentation with any type of stone.

A powerful solution.
The LithoClast Trilogy Lithotripter delivers controlled ultrasonic and ballistic energy concurrently or independently with simultaneous suction through a single probe.

Key Resources

Stone Fragmentation

The Lithoclast Trilogy Lithotripter, designed with a proprietary electromagnetic propulsion system, generating ballistic energy, helps break up hard stones more efficiently than leading dual-energy lithotripters.1
25x greater ballistic probe tip movement than the Olympus™ ShockPulse-SE Lithotripter

Study Methodology

  • A hands-free apparatus was employed to secure each lithotripter
  • The devices were not submerged in water to avoid distortion of the high-speed images
  • Each device was activated from one second from a fixed distance
  • Images were acquired at one frame per 4 – 5 microseconds using a high-speed 14-bit CMOS camera
  • Images were uploaded into MATLAB and tip excursion in millimeters was plotted on curves

Stone Removal

LithoClast Trilogy Lithotripter’s wider hollow lumen probe is designed to improve stone removal rate. It facilitates aspiration of larger fragments and more volume.2
Cross-Section View of Lumen Probes. 2