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The SSPC or Site Selective Pacing Catheter family are single-use percutaneous catheters intended to introduce various types of catheters and pacing or defibrillator leads.

The SSPC Catheters have been used in human clinical cases since 2019, increasing substantially in the last few years. Over 20,000 SSPC Catheters have been shipped for use in the USA since 2019.

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Product Details

The SSPC Delivery Catheter is packaged with a dilator for introduction into the vasculature. Proximally, the delivery catheter is equipped with a hemostatic valve, and the distal tip is radiopaque to facilitate imaging under fluoroscopy. The delivery catheter is designed to be slittable, thereby allowing its removal after device placement. A variety of curves are available to accommodate various anatomies and different lead locations. The delivery catheter has an inner diameter of 6.5F, an outer diameter of 8F, and the dilator is compatible with a 0.035” guidewire.