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  • ACUITY™ BREAK-AWAY Lead Delivery System

    ACUITY BREAK-AWAY is an innovative, front line lead delivery system. New features such as inner catheter lead delivery, a breakable hub, an integrated hemostasis valve, and improved radiopacity are designed to simplify the CRT implant experience and make it more efficient. With inner catheter lead delivery of ACUITY™ SPIRAL, the ACUITY BREAK-AWAY Lead Delivery System offers the smallest inner catheter lead delivery on the market.

    1. Electrophysiology
  • ACUITY™ X4 Quadripolar LV Leads

    New Solutions.
    Meaningful Outcomes.

    ACUITY™ X4 Quadripolar LV leads are the first and only LV leads uniquely designed to promote non-apical pacing options, helping physicians to pace from an optimal site for improved CRT response.

    1. Electrophysiology
  • DEXTRUS™ Pacing Lead

    The DEXTRUS pacing lead is an extendable-retractable, active fixation 6.7F lead designed to provide a larger electrically-active surface area for enhanced threshold performance. The lead features a familiar feel with durable and predictable helix extension-retraction performance and an inner coil designed for predictable torque response. The DEXTRUS lead is designed for an easy lead implant experience with mapping capability, a radiopaque helix and tip extension indicator and a flexible tip designed for flexible placement options within the right atrium and right ventricle.

    1. Electrophysiology
  • EASYTRAK™ Left Ventricular Pacing / Sensing Leads

    The EASYTRAK™ coronary venous leads are intended for use with Boston Scientific’s heart failure devices to provide cardiac resynchronization therapy.

    1. Electrophysiology
  • ENDOTAK RELIANCE™ G Defibrillation Lead

    The ENDOTAK RELIANCE G/SG leads are steroid-eluting, endocardial cardioversion/ defibrillation, and pace/sense leads available in extendable/retractable and tined models. The electrode coils are covered with GORE™ expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) to prevent tissue ingrowth around and between the shocking coils.

    1. Electrophysiology
  • INGEVITY™ MRI Pacing Lead

    INGEVITY MRI Pacing Leads are a family of active and passive models that can be used as part of the IMAGEREADY™ MR-Conditional Pacing System for safe and effective scanning in 1.5T and 3T MRI environments when MRI Conditions of Use are met.1

    1. Electrophysiology