Pre-Shaped TAVI Guidewire


Product Details

Procedural Confidence

  • Safari's pre-shaped architecture saves time and is designed to provide consistent, reliable performance
  • Pre-Shaped, double curved architecture is designed to facilitate stable, atraumatic placement
  • Safari provides enhanced rail support to aid in delivery of TAVI devices
  • Up to 50% less force needed for device delivery due to the LUBRIGREEN™ PTFE coating*

Shape Security

  • Safari's pre-shaped architecture is designed to retain its configuration throughout the procedure due to a proprietary heat-set process
  • Double curve is designed to facilitate stable, atraumatic placement during transcatheter aortic valve procedures
  • Atraumatic design flexes with the dynamic geometry of the left ventricle
  • Two curve sizes accommodate varying anatomies and systolic contractions of the left ventricle
  • Curve shape and retention are designed to minimize the risk of wire interaction with the mitral valve
Specifications for 260 cm and 300 cm Safari Guidewire