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Mapping System

RHYTHMIA HDx Software Suite

  • Continuous mapping simultaneously generates accurate, high-resolution 3D electroanatomical maps.
  • Dynamic Review lets you efficiently review and edit data points.
  • Automated intelligent annotation eliminates time-consuming manual annotation.

Signal Station

  • Developed specifically to support high-density, high-resolution mapping.
    • Advanced signal processing hardware supports unlimited data point collection.
    • Sophisticated noise filtering provides a noise floor of 0.01mV.
  • Up to 200 intracardiac channels, and 12 surface ECG signals.
  • Connects to the INTELLAMAP ORION™ Mapping Catheter and other compatible EP catheters.

Hybrid Localization System

  • Our advanced, flexible open-architecture system gives you the freedom to customize your toolset.
  • Magnetic tracking supports Boston Scientific navigation-enabled catheters, providing maximum accuracy and efficiency.
    • Magnetic Localization -  Accurate to ≤ 1mm¹
  • Open architecture supports impedance-based tracking of non-navigation-enabled catheters for flexibility of choice
    • Impedance Localization -  Accurate to ≤ 2mm¹

INTELLAMAP ORION™ Mapping Catheter

  • The INTELLAMAP ORION Mapping Catheter’s unique, efficient design delivers clear, complete signals with elegant, agile control.
  • 64 electrodes on 8 splines are electronically printed.
  • Interelectrode spacing of 2.5mm delivers high signal quality that is designed to be less susceptible to picking up far-field noise.
  • 8.5F with bidirectional steerability.
  • Familiar handle includes an actuator to enhance controlled deployment of the basket from diameters of 3-22mm.
  • Compatible with most fixed and steerable sheaths.

HDx System Connectology

  • HDx Direct Connects in addition to other accessories available to streamline lab set up


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