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iLAB™ featuring ULTRA ICE™ PLUS

Ultrasound Imaging System and Ultrasound Imaging Catheter

The iLAB System in a cart-based configuration
If a portable version is a better fit, the iLAB System is also available in a cart-based configuration. Both offer an intuitive user interface, large high def monitor, touchpad interface, auto enhancement of ICE images & easy to upgrade hardware.
ULTRA ICE PLUS catheter with RDC connector

iLAB™ Ultrasound Imaging System and ULTRA ICE™ PLUS Ultrasound Imaging Catheter for Intracardiac Imaging

ICE provides the combination of real-time imaging and soft tissue visualization that cannot be duplicated by fluoroscopy, pre-operative imaging (CT or MR), or electroanatomic mapping. Not only can you identify anatomical structures, you can visualize where devices are relative to those structures.

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Product Details

iLAB Ultrasound Imaging System

iLAB transformed visualization during EP procedures as the first intracardiac ultrasound system customized for the EP lab.  It offers an easy user interface and automatic enhancement of ICE images. The Modular hardware design comes either installed or on a cart allowing flexibility to upgrade. The iLAB system is compatible with all Boston Scientific ultrasound catheters: Intracardiac (ICE), Intravascular (IVUS) and Peripheral (PI).


The Boston Scientific ULTRA ICE PLUS catheter is designed to provide precise, real-time visualization of both intracardiac anatomy and devices positioned within the heart. Not only does it help you in identifying anatomical structures, it also helps you in visualizing where your devices are relative to those structures.

Device Illustration

ICE Catheter Tip Labeled

Unique Vision: 360° Views and Detailed Near-Field Resolution

The ULTRA ICE PLUS Catheter generates a cross-sectional and panoramic 360° image perpendicular to the catheter, with the tip as a central reference point. This allows the user to visualize structures (such as the fossa) directly adjacent to the catheter tip and still see a detailed cross-section of the entire septum.

Image Comparison

ULTRA ICE catheter vs Phased Array

Benefit of Use

The ULTRA ICE PLUS catheter is indicated for enhanced visualization of cardiac structures and is designed to optimize performance when imaging by enabling users to position the catheter directly adjacent to areas of interest, like the proximal coronary sinus, fossa ovalis, or pulmonary veins. Its 360 degree, forward looking visualization field provides greater near-field resolution than phased array catheters, without the need to manually move the catheter away from a target area to adjust focal distance. 

Know Where You Are

ULTRA ICE PLUS catheter positioned in the right atrium, adjacent to the fossa ovalis, visualizing the structures critical to successful transseptal puncture: the septum, aorta, needle position, tenting, and the LAFW.

See What You Want to Avoid

Notice the patient’s reduced Left Atrium, the tenting of the septum and its relationship to the LAFW. The corresponding fluoroscopic image may suggest that puncture has already occurred. However, the ULTRA ICE PLUS image shows that this is not the case and guides the physician to redirect the needle in a puncture angle away from the LAFW.

Crossing to the Septum to Help Guiding Left Sided Procedures

A key application for the ULTRA ICE PLUS catheter involves crossing the septum and then monitoring and helping to guide left-sided procedures. In this setting, ULTRA ICE PLUS catheter is designed to allow the user to:

  • Visualize left atrial anatomy
  • Confirm catheter location relative to the anatomy
  • Verify tip-to-tissue contact
  • Identify location of the esophagus relative to the ablation catheter
  • Characterize acute lesion morphology: swelling, dimpling, and crater formation
  • Monitor for any early signs of thrombus formation, stenosis, or pericardial effusion

Product Specifications of iLAB Ultrasound Imaging System

Description Specifications
Catheter rotation mechanism Handheld motor-drive unit
Image resolution 512 x 512
Recording Format Standard DICOM
Recording capabilities Digital (CD, DVD, 35 GB removable hard drive, network)
Monitor 19” LCD Flat Panel
Compatibility Supports BSC interventional, intracardiac, and peripheral ultrasound imaging catheters
Cart weight 213 lbs

Product Specifications of ULTRA ICE PLUS Ultrasound Imaging Catheter

Description Specifications

Shaft Diameter 

8.5 Fr 

Usable Length 

110 cm 

Imaging frequency 

9 MHz 

Ultrasound type 

Mechanically rotating transducer 

Distance from transducer to tip 

1.0 cm 

Image type 

Panoramic 360° view 

Imaging depth 

 ~6 cm radius (~12 cm diameter)

Axial resolution 

≦ 0.29 mm 

Shaft rotation speed 

1800 RPM 

Frame refresh rate 

30 frame/sec 

Ultrasound pulse per full rotation 


Product Compatibility

Imaging System Catheter Motor Drive Unit
iLAB with software version 2.7 or higher ULTRA ICE PLUS MDU5 PLUS
Galaxy Not available Not available

Ordering Information

Description UPN
ULTRA ICE PLUS Catheter M004 9912 0
Fluid Dock™ Filling Device M004 9915 1
MDU5 PLUS Motor Drive H749MDU5PLUS0
iLABTM Ultrasound Imaging System (Integrated) H749ILAB120N2710
iLABTM Ultrasound Imaging System (Cart) H749ILAB120C2710


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