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ExpertCare Service Plans

The ExpertCare Program is designed to provide you with continued confidence in Boston Scientific products, customer support and technical services. Technical support is available 24 hours a day. Our service team has the expertise that comes from years of collaboration with our customers to better support your commitment to patient care.
Service Plan EverCare EssentialCare
Phone Support Service
Unlimited technical support calls
Access to technical support 24/7/365
Performance Maintenance
Software updates and bug fixes
Repair Services
Repair replacement units
Complete parts coverage
Overnight parts shipment
Premium Features
System relocation  
Hardware upgrades*  
*subject to commercial availability


ExpertCare Capital Equipment Technical Services

Boston Scientific ExpertCare service plans will provide you extraordinary value in three key areas.

Cost Control - There is nothing worse than an unexpected financial surprise. A prepaid service agreement will eliminate variable maintenance and repairs costs. 

Uptime - Time is money and with a prepaid service agreement, you will automatically be in front of the line. Our uptime guarantee is a commitment to delivering the fastest onsite service to systems under an agreement.

Convenience - Prepaid service agreements can eliminate the administrative hassles of purchase orders and associated delays that can slow down the process.

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