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Cardiac Ablation System

Efficiency. Performance. Integration.
Maestro 4000 System
Maestro 4000 System - Front of Generator
Maestro 4000 System - Pod 150

The MAESTRO 4000 Cardiac Ablation System and METRIQ™ Pump empowers open-irrigated ablation procedures. This system combines comprehensive, real time diagnostic intelligent user interface to maximize procedure success.

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Product Details

MAESTRO 4000™ Cardiac Ablation System

Seamless, automatic communication

  • Flexible setup and easy operation
  • Accurate, clear diagnostic message display
  • Compatible with Boston Scientific’s full portfolio of therapeutic catheters

Ordering Information

MAESTRO 4000™ Cardiac Ablation System 
Model No.  Description
M004 4000 0  MAESTRO 4000 Controller
M004 4020 0  MAESTRO 4000 Remote
M004 21850 0  MAESTRO 4000 Foot Switch
M004 4010 0  MAESTRO 4000 Pod, 100W (US)
M004 4100 0 METRIQ Pump
M004 661 0 Communication Cable
M004 117 0 METRIQ Pump Tubing Kit

Open Irrigated System Key Benefits


Simple connectivity and intelligent user interface enables quick setup and efficient operation.
Maestro 4000™ Cardiac Ablation System

Intelligent User Interface

  • Comprehensive, real-time diagnostic information on one screen
  • Large, easy-to-read display can be viewed from a distance
  • Quick, intuitive menu navigation

IntellaSight Infusion Monitoring

  • Provides real-time feedback on five different saline assessments
    • Volume Remaining
    • Low Fluid Warning
    • Volume Infused
    • New Saline Bag
    • Volume Dispensed

Customizable Memory Buttons

  • Programmable flow and menu settings can be quickly accessed for future procedures
  • Store and retrieve procedure parameters for up to three different scenarios


Automatic communication between system components activates enhanced features to deliver safe, reliable performance throughout the procedure.
Maestro 4000™ Cardiac Ablation System

Bubble and Occlusion Detection

  • Reliable sensor technology designed to prevent air infusion and occlusion
  • Simple placement process to ensure accurate tubing alignment
  • Smaller tubing designed to effectively clear bubbles and increase flow

Automatic Titration

  • Intelligent, automatic titration ensures optimal power-to-fluid control
  • Instant, clear display of titration status
MAESTRO 4000™ Cardiac Ablation System


The Open-Irrigated System fully integrates with today’s most advanced products to diagnose and treat cardiac arrhythmias.

Compatible with Our Full Portfolio of Cutting-edge Catheters

  • Automatically detects catheter and programs default flow settings

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