Watchman patient Billy, smiling while standing in a football stadium
From resuming daily activities to taking precautions during certain medical procedures, find out how you can get back to daily life after your WATCHMAN Implant procedure.

Daily Activities

See how you can get back to your daily activities after a WATCHMAN Implant procedure, including exercising, traveling and more.

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Find out why it’s so important to take your medications as prescribed after getting a WATCHMAN Implant.

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Medical and Dental Procedures

Get MRI guidelines and tips for undergoing medical and dental procedures safely with a WATCHMAN Implant.

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Implant Card Registration

If you have received the WATCHMAN implant, register your implant card in case it is lost. We will send you a new card directly. The registration is voluntary for all WATCHMAN recipients.  

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Patient Story

Billy Stacy quote "I can have a more productive life, feel stronger, and be here a lot longer." Watch Billy's Story.

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