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Get answers to frequently asked questions about living with a WATCHMAN Implant below.

Can I undergo MRI or scanner testing with a WATCHMAN Implant?

An MRI is a diagnostic test that uses a strong electromagnetic field to produce images of the human body. MRI safety testing has shown that the WATCHMAN Implant is “MRI conditional” and that WATCHMAN patients may safely have an MRI scan under certain conditions listed on the WATCHMAN Implant Card.

IMPORTANT: Before getting an MRI, be sure to tell the doctor and the MRI technologist that you have a WATCHMAN Implant and show them your WATCHMAN Implant Card so they can take all necessary safety precautions.

Can I travel with a WATCHMAN Implant?

Patients with WATCHMAN Implants can feel confident and safe when traveling. It’s important to carry your WATCHMAN Implant ID Card when traveling as it will alert medical and security personnel that you have an implanted device.

Will my WATCHMAN Implant set off metal detectors?

No. Your WATCHMAN Implant will not trigger metal detectors and you can walk through them safely.

How soon can I resume normal daily activities?

The majority of people return to normal daily activities within a few days following the WATCHMAN Implant procedure. Check with your doctor before resuming your usual activities.

What if I experience pain?

If you experience pain, immediately inform your doctor or the center where your WATCHMAN Implant procedure was performed.

What if I miss taking my medication?

Call your doctor if you miss any doses of your medication. It’s extremely important that you take the recommended medications (warfarin, clopidogrel and aspirin) at the recommended time. If you stop taking these medications or change their dosage before being instructed to do so by your doctor, it increases the chances of blood clot formation, subsequent stroke or even death. Talk to your doctor before stopping your medications or changing the dosage.

When do I receive my WATCHMAN Implant Card?

You should receive your WATCHMAN Implant Card at the hospital where you receive your implant. This wallet-sized card helps identify you as a patient with an implanted Boston Scientific medical device.


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