Man, traveling with a Pacemaker, about to enter a metal detector

You can absolutely travel safely with a pacemaker as long as you know how to prepare and talk to your doctor about any special safety steps to take. Learn more about going through airport security, finding a doctor while traveling and other tips for having a successful trip.

Important to Know

  • You can travel with a pacemaker by taking steps to stay safe.
  • Airport security’s full body scanner will not harm your pacemaker or change the settings.
  • Your pacemaker may set off airport metal detectors.
  • You should always carry your Medical Device ID Card while traveling.

Airport Security with a Pacemaker

To help make the process easier, be sure to show your Medical Device ID Card at the first security station. This card identifies you as having a pacemaker. Depending on the airport, the staff may:

  • Send you through the security full body scanner. The Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) full body scanner will not harm your pacemaker or change the settings. However, your pacemaker’s metal parts may set off metal detector alarms.
  • Use a hand-held security wand. If it’s held over your pacemaker for too long, wand could temporarily affect your pacemaker. If they must use a wand, tell them that the search must be done quickly and not to hold the wand over your pacemaker.
  • Do a hand-pat search. If you request a hand-pat search, you can ask them to do it in a private area.

NOTE: The full body scanner will show your pacemaker but it will not sound an alarm while you are inside. You may be asked to show your Medical Device ID Card or they may ask to do a hand-pat search.


Medical Device Identification Card

Whether you’re going away for the weekend or running a quick errand, it’s important to carry your Medical Device ID Card with you at all times. In an emergency, the card will alert medical and security personnel that you have a pacemaker.

Patient Security Card

Boston Scientific offers a security card for you to carry when traveling. The card explains that your implanted device may trigger airport security alarms and is printed in 13 languages. To get a Patient Security Card, call us at 1-866-484-3268.


Find a Heart Specialist While Traveling

Search for places around the world that have treated patients with Boston Scientific pacemakers and may be able to help you with your pacemaker while traveling.

Find a Heart Specialist


Talk to Your Doctor

Everyone’s situation is unique. So, it’s important to talk to your doctor about ways to safely travel with your pacemaker.

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