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Next-generation technology

Built for sustained drug release and efficient drug transfer.

Eluvia DES is designed to meet the challenges of the SFA with outstanding flexibility and precise stent placement. Only Eluvia DES offers sustained drug release, with the world’s most proven polymer, to match the restenotic process of SFA.

Available now in 150mm length, the Eluvia 150 is the longest DE SFA stent for complex lesions.

Polymer designed for controlled drug release

Eluvia DES has the lowest drug dose¹ (0.167 µg/mm2) delivered by the world’s most proven polymer. Built to ensure targeted delivery to the lesion while minimizing downstream particulates and features the lowest systemic drug exposure for the patient among all peripheral paclitaxel-based technologies².

Infographic of Eluvia drug eluting stent illustrating 92.1% patency at one year.

Eluvia's downstream impact

Eluvia’s polymer minimizes downstream particulates and showed similar particulate loss compared to a bare metal stent3.

Illustration of Eluvia DES particulates vs bare metal stent illustration.

Eluvia size matrix

Now available in 150mm length. Ask your sales representative about Eluvia 150.

 Stent Length
40 mm60 mm80 mm100 mm120 mm150 mm 
6 mm6F6F6F6F6F6F
7 mm6F6F6F6F6F6F

Triaxial delivery system

Built for more precise and predictable stent placement.

Innova self-expanding nitinol stent system for Superficial Femoral Artery (SFA)

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1. 92.1% K-M Primary Patency. Gray W. 2-year Outcomes from the IMPERIAL Randomized Head to Head Study of Eluvia DES and Zilver PTX; LINC 2020, Leipzig Jan 28,2020.

2. Drug Dose Data from Eluvia DES, Zilver PTX, Lutonix 018 DCB, Lutonix 035 DCB, Stellarex 035 DCB and Ranger DCB Instructions for Use. Data on file at Boston Scientific. Represents total global sales of the PROMUS (Boston Scientific) and XIENCE (Abbott) stents since 2006.

3. EMINENT RCT 1-Year results presented by Yann Gouëffic, MD. VIVA 2021.