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Visualization of Eluvia Drug-Eluting Stent, from side close-up.

A new standard of
care in SFA stenting.



A bold step forward.

Boston Scientific is committed to advancing science in the fight against PAD by boldly innovating with next-generation, drug-eluting technology. Backed by Level‑1 Randomized Controlled Trials, our exceptional results put the power of choice in the hands of those who make it happen. Together, we can save more limbs and help more people walk without pain.

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One DES head-to-head trial.
Zero doubt.

Bold is being the first company to conduct Level-1 head-to-head comparative effectiveness trials directly comparing drug-eluting technologies. Regardless of patient or lesion complexity, Eluvia DES has durable and consistent results. See how it can make a difference in the fight against PAD.
Visualization of Eluvia Drug-Eluting Stent, side view of the stent close-up.


Built for sustained drug release and efficient drug transfer.

Only the Eluvia™ Drug-Eluting Stent offers sustained drug release to match the restenotic process in the SFA, with the lowest drug-dose2 delivered by the most proven polymer.

Available now in 150mm length, the Eluvia 150 is the longest DE SFA stent for complex lesions.


Clinical Highlights


EMINENT Randomized Controlled Trial Results3

Eluvia DES demonstrated superior primary patency4 over bare metal stents through 1-Year in the world's largest RCT of SFA stents.



Primary patency rates showing Eluvia with 92.1% and Zilver PTX with 81.8%.
*Kaplan-Meier Estimate: Primary patency defined as core-lab assessed duplex ultrasound peak systolic velocity ratio (PSVR) ≤ 2.4 at 1-year in the absence of clinically-driven TLR or bypass of the target lesion.​
 **Log-rank p-value compares the entire K-M curves from time point zero to day 395 (full 1-year follow-up window)

1. 92.1% K-M Primary Patency. Gray W. 2-year Outcomes from the IMPERIAL Randomized Head to Head Study of Eluvia DES and Zilver PTX; LINC 2020, Leipzig Jan 28,2020.
2. Drug Dose Data from Eluvia DES, Zilver PTX, Lutonix 018 DCB, Lutonix 035 DCB, Stellarex 035 DCB and Ranger DCB Instructions for Use. Data on file at Boston Scientific. Represents total global sales of the PROMUS (Boston Scientific) and XIENCE (Abbott) stents since 2006.
3. EMINENT RCT 1-Year results presented by Yann Gouëffic, MD. VIVA 2021.
4. EMINENT Trial: A global randomized controlled multi-center trial with 2:1 randomization of the Eluvia™ Drug-Eluting Stent against commercially-available Self-Expanding Bare Nitinol Stents, single-blind, superiority design; independent core lab adjudication. Primary Endpoint: 1-Year Binary Primary Patency rate of 83.2% in the Eluvia arm vs. 74.3% in the Bare-Metal Stenting arm (p-value = 0.0077).



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Standing together.

The Bold Step Program is a statement of our confidence in the efficacy of our drug-eluting products. The program offers an Eluvia DES or Ranger DCB at no additional charge if a patient requires reintervention within the first year due to restenosis. 
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