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StoneSmart™ Solutions

Welcome to our vision for the future of stone management. While continuing to deliver peer-to-peer education and case studies, we are also building a comprehensive platform designed to transform kidney stone care and minimize the economic burden to healthcare systems.

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Clinical experiences using the LithoVue™ Elite system with intrarenal pressure monitoring

Watch Ben H. Chew, MD, and Naeem Bhojani, MD, discuss risk factors for urosepsis after ureteroscopy, the importance of intrarenal pressure (IRP) monitoring, and their clinical experiences using the next-gen LithoVue Elite Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscopy System with IRP monitoring. 

Unique challenges. Innovative solutions.

Urologist shortage

How is the widening gap between surgical demand and capacity impacting patient care?

Gaps in treatment

Surgical interventions are not keeping pace with prevalence. How does this impact urologists?

Quality of life

How is increasing burnout among urologists impacting the ability to provide quality patient care?

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