Introducing EXALT™ Model B Single-Use Bronchoscope

Single-use scopes, redefined

Model B represents the latest evolution in flexible bronchoscopy – supporting complex respiratory procedures like double lumen tube placements – designed to create a better experience for physicians.

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Patient care demands a superior single-use bronchoscope

Model B outperforms tested disposable bronchoscopes with superior suction power1 – a critical factor in helping keep airways clear while getting procedures done.

78% more suction power (Regular size)3 + clinician-preferred ergonomics4

Model B launch event

Watch the replay of our launch event to hear product and R&D experts explore Model B's innovative characteristics – and explain how it redefines what's possible with single-use scope technology.

Respiratory therapist partnership & support

Are you a respiratory therapist who wants to know more about how we can support your specific needs? We offer resources for you.

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Curious about the superior suction of EXALT™ Model B? Schedule an in-person demo.

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1,2. Data on file – Boston Scientific benchtop study testing 15 units each of 9 single-use scope models, and 1 each of 4 reusable scope models (each tested 15 times with a new suction valve) under constant pressure for 30 seconds testing two different viscosity substances. The volume of substance suctioned via the bronchoscope was the primary outcome. One-way ANOVA was used to test statistical significance between scopes with an alpha of 0.05. Bench test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance.

3. Data on file – EXALT Model B Regular has 78% more suction power in water than other tested single-use and reusable regular size scopes.

4. Data on file – In simulated use evaluations, 15 physicians evaluated EXALT Model B and rated navigation as “clinically preferred” over other commercially available single-use bronchoscopes.

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