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Healthcare provider in surgical mask, cap and eye protection looking slightly upward,

Video library

Watch educational videos and testimonials that bring the EMBOLD™ Detachable Coil System to life.

Video library

Watch what makes Embold coils simple by design and physician testimonials.

Physician Testimonials

See why physicians are confident using Embold Fibered Coils in their practice.

Simple by design

"Embold has solved a lot of the problems that we've had with previous coil platforms." - Aaron M. Fischman, MD, FSIR, FCIRSE, FSVM, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Watch the simple by design physician testimonial

Multi-catheter compatibility

"Sometimes I may intend to go in with one catheter, but the patient's anatomy or the clinical situation may only allow me to use the other. And the versatility of this coil platform gives me the flexibility to use either catheter with my chosen coil." - Gary Siskin, MD, FSIR, Albany Medical Center

Watch the multi-catheter compatibility physician testimonial

Kinkless performance

"Being able to deploy the coil without worrying about kinking the delivery wire is very important, especially when you're training younger physicians how to deploy coils." - Aaron M. Fischman, MD, FSIR, FCIRSE, FSVM, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Watch the kinkless performance physician testimonial

Handle-free detachment

"There's no instructions needed. You know that between those two markers, that's where you're going to detach it." - Suvranu Ganguli, MD, Boston School of Medicine

Watch the handle-free detachment physician testimonial

Best-in-class occlusion power

"We all know that any coil with substance really helps create that quicker occlusion and that efficiency." - Theresa M. Caridi, MD, FSIR, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Watch the occlusion power physician testimonial


"Cost is certainly important, but efficiency and effectiveness also weigh into the value of a particular coil platform." - Gary Siskin, MD, FSIR, Albany Medical Center

Watch the Embold value physician testimonial