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Infection Prevention in the Endoscopy Suite

To navigate complex industry standards for infection prevention, you need solutions that provide certainty and confidence to keep pace with the changing clinical environment. We are committed to helping you get out in front of infection prevention with a suite of products and training solutions that help you exceed industry guidelines, ensure compliance and standardize processes.

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Find a full suite of comprehensive solutions to help you increase efficiencies and succeed in providing the best possible care for patients.
Compliance EndoKit™

Explore Customizable Compliance EndoKit™ Options

Designed to streamline the manual cleaning process and provide components that comply with industry guidelines.

OrcaPod™ kit

Discover the benefits of Single-use Endoscope Accessories

OrcaPod™ kits offer a variety of single-use accessory configurations to increase efficiencies and reduce the need for cleaning and tracking.

Infection Prevention products

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Find our portfolio of solutions designed for procedural efficiencies.

Infection Prevention

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Learn more about Biofilm, Reprocessing and Superbugs with our three part Clinical e-Learning Series.

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