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Wireguided Cannulation

wireguided cannulation guidewire enters bile duct
wireguided cannulation guidewire position confirmed
wireguided cannulation endoscopic image during ercp
wireguided cannulation rx biliary system
Sphincterotome is positioned inside the papilla and the guidewire enters the bile duct during ERCP.
Guidewire position is confirmed under fluoroscopy during ERCP.
Endoscopic image of the Dreamwire™ High Performance Guidewire cannulating the ampulla during ERCP.
RX Biliary System™ devices provide a tactile feel to help facilitate physician controlled wireguided cannulation.

Using a physician-controlled wireguided cannulation technique, the physician maintains control of the guidewire as a way to access the papilla during ERCP. RX Biliary System™ (short wire) Devices help facilitate this technique.

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Product Details

For a complete list of guidewires and biliary accessory devices, please see the product catalog >

Ordering Information

Dreamwire™ High Performance Guidewire
Dreamwire Guidewire Line Drawing
Order NumberDescriptionDistal Tip O.D. (in)Working Length (cm)Dream Tip StyleTipPackaging
M00556101Dreamwire ST Guidewire0.035260StraightRoundBox 2
M00556111Dreamwire ANG Guidewire0.035260AngledRoundBox 2
M00556121Dreamwire ST Stiff Guidewire0.035260StraightRoundBox 2
M00556131Dreamwire ANG Stiff Guidewire0.035260AngledRoundBox 2
M00556141Dreamwire ST Guidewire0.035450StraightRoundBox 2
M00556151Dreamwire ANG Guidewire0.035450AngledRoundBox 2
M00556161Dreamwire ST Stiff Guidewire0.035450StraightRoundBox 2
M00556171Dreamwire ANG Stiff Guidewire0.035450AngledRoundBox 2
ST = Standard, ANG = Angled
Hydra Jagwire™ High Performance Guidewire
Hydra Jagwire Guidewire Line Drawing
Order NumberDescriptionDistal Tip O.D. (in)Working Length (cm)Dream Tip StyleTipPackaging
M00556001Hydra Jagwire Guidewire ST0.035260StraightRoundBox 2
M00556011Hydra Jagwire Guidewire ANG0.035260AngledRoundBox 2
M00556021Hydra Jagwire Guidewire ST Stiff0.035260StraightRoundBox 2
M00556031Hydra Jagwire Guidewire ANG Stiff0.035260AngledRoundBox 2
M00556041Hydra Jagwire Guidewire ST0.035450StraightRoundBox 2
M00556051Hydra Jagwire Guidewire ANG0.035450AngledRoundBox 2
M00556061Hydra Jagwire Guidewire ST Stiff0.035450StraightRoundBox 2
M00556071Hydra Jagwire Guidewire ANG Stiff0.035450AngledRoundBox 2
Hydra Jagwire Guidewire may remain in place during sphincterotomy. See Instructions for Use for details.
ST = Standard, ANG = Angled
NaviPro™ Hydrophilic Guidewire
NaviPro Hydrophilic Guidewire Line Drawing
Order NumberDescriptionGuidewire Diameter (in)Length (cm)Tip StylePackaging
M00556191NaviPro Hydrophilic Guidewire0.018260AngledBox 5
M00556181NaviPro Hydrophilic Guidewire0.018260StraightBox 5
M00556211NaviPro Hydrophilic Guidewire0.025260AngledBox 5
M00556201NaviPro Hydrophilic Guidewire0.025260StraightBox 5
M00556231NaviPro Hydrophilic Guidewire0.035260AngledBox 5
M00556221NaviPro Hydrophilic Guidewire0.035260StraightBox 5
M00556251NaviPro Hydrophilic Guidewire0.035260Angled StiffBox 5
M00556241NaviPro Hydrophilic Guidewire0.035260Straight StiffBox 5
RX Locking Devices and Biopsy Cap Systems
Order NumberDescriptionPackaging
M00545471RX Locking Device (Biopsy Cap not included)Box 10
M00545211RX Locking Device – Olympus™ / Fujinon™ Brand Endoscope CompatibleEach
M00545261RX Locking Device and Biopsy Cap System – Olympus Brand Endoscope CompatibleBox 10
M00545271RX Locking Device and Biopsy Cap System – Pentax™ Brand Endoscope CompatibleBox 10
M00545281RX Locking Device and Biopsy Cap System – Fujinon Brand Endoscope CompatibleBox 10

Clinical Information

document icon    Wireguided Cannulation Technique Guide, Presented by three Physicians ›
document icon    Wireguided Cannulation: Clinical Perspective, Dr. Steven Edmundowicz ›

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