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Understanding advances in endoscopic management of gastrointestinal disorders

To manage gastrointestinal diseases and disorders efficiently and effectively – from the simple cases to the most complex – you need access to the latest physician-led lectures, case studies, hands-on trainings, clinical research and data, procedural tips and techniques, resources for practice management and more. We share your passion for progress and that’s why we provide up-to-date, comprehensive education, training and support in a variety of formats to meet your needs.

On Demand Physician-Led Education

education and training

Helping you deliver the best patient care possible. EDUCARE makes it simple. One source. One stop. One schedule - yours.

Virtual training

Virtual Training for GI Fellows

Explore video library of disease management lectures, case-studies, device training, procedural tips and more.


Hands-On Learning

In person education

In-Person Educational Programs

Access to hundreds of available high-quality didactic and hands-on training programs developed in collaboration with global thought leaders.

On-site training

On-site Training

Coordinate with our team to bring device training and product demonstrations to you and your staff on-site at your location.


Stay Informed

Sign up to receive information on education and training opportunities tailored to your needs.

Resources for Practice Management

Learn more about reimbursement for Boston Scientific's products and procedures with a variety of tools.


When you subscribe to GuidePoint, you gain access to updates on policy changes, webcasts, billing and coding guides and customer support for billing and coding questions.

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