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Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

Explore how GIs treat pancreatic cancer patients via definitive diagnosis, data-informed risk mitigation and cost-conscious care.

Every November brings Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, yet it’s a constant battle for physicians and their patients.

  • The cancer often metastasizes before diagnosis1
  • More than half of patients are unresectable2
  • Cases rose 0.5% each year from 2010 to 20191

The dilemma is felt by the community – physician, patients and their families. This reinforces the physician’s commitment to patient care and advancing diagnosis and therapeutics.

Hear from fellow GIs on how they’re treating patients with:




Dr. Eun Ji Shin

Better sample, more informed diagnosis

Dr. Eun Ji Shin explains how advancements in tissue capture with Fine Needle Biopsy (FNB) led her to exclusively use this diagnosis technique.

Data-informed decisions to mitigate risks

Dr. Michel Kahaleh shares how he mitigates risks for cancer patients with biliary obstructions, from diagnostic imaging to therapeutic options.

Two healthcare professionals using a laptop.

A cost-effective care strategy

Cost is a critical factor for cancer care. Review this study on how metal stent placement at the initial onset of obstructive jaundice can save approximately $1450 per patient over a lifetime.

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What are GIs saying?

2. Locally Advanced, Unresectable Pancreatic Cancer: American Society of Clinical Oncology Clinical Practice Guideline | Journal of Clinical Oncology (