Expand Clinical Applications for Disease Management
SpyGlass™ DS II Direct Visualization System

Expand Clinical Applications
for Disease Management

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Pancreatiobiliary Disease Management   

Improve diagnostic and therapeutic disease management with direct visualization and a system of accessory devices, including AutholithTM Touch System for electro-hydraulic lithotripsy of biliary calculi.

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Cholangioscopy Image Reference Guide

Become more familiar with the appearance of biliary disease findings utilizing our Cholangioscopy Image Reference Guide captured by Dr. Isaac Raijman, Gastroenterologist, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants.

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Stone Management

Improve stone clearance rates in a single session with EHL. 

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10-15% of biliary stone cases are considered difficult and cannot be treated effectively using standard ERCP techniques.1
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Direct visualization stone clearance using EHL has been shown to be clinically effective with demonstrated procedural success, with single-session stone clearance rates of 74.5%2 

Case Demonstration 

Video: Stone Retrieval  

Watch Dr. Rabindra Watson, Director of Bariatric Endoscopy, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, CPMC, UCSF, SFVA, California, demonstrates the SpyGlass™ Retrieval Basket in a Mirizzi Syndrome case. 


Stricture Management

“Use of Cholangioscopy is safe and cost effective. The SpyGlass DS System should be considered for the first-line management of strictures and difficult stone disease and for use of pre-surgical planning” * - Mouen Khashab, MD, Johns Hopkins Hospital  


Video: Digital Cholangioscopy

Dr. Mouen Khashab, Associate Professor of Medicine & Director of Therapeutic Endoscopy, Johns Hopkins Hospital, discusses digital cholangioscopy using the SpyGlass DS System.

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