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Physician Education

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EDUCARE is a comprehensive suite of education and training programs that support healthcare professionals in the delivery of patient care worldwide.

Boston Scientific offers a variety of education programs for female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgeons to train on the safe and effective use of our products. Programs are primarily focused on the procedures and products supporting surgical treatment of pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence, including: 

This interactive online resource offers healthcare professionals a custom, educational experience. Access a wide range of content on demand ranging from procedural videos to hands-on training sessions — in one convenient location.

Observational Preceptorship and Proctorship Training Programs

The Observational Preceptorship and Proctorship Training Programs focus on expanding a physician’s understanding of the clinical application of BSC female pelvic medicine products. The trainings provide surgeons experienced in these types of procedures the opportunity to observe and perform live surgery under the tutelage of a skilled faculty member. This program offers a unique opportunity to visit or have visiting experts in the specified surgery train in a small focused setting with a focus on pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence.


Preceptor Training Center of Excellence Program: Sacrocolpopexy (SCP)

The Preceptor Training Center of Excellence Programs are designed to provide an advanced learning opportunity that combines a practical approach to clinical theory, best practices and live case observation guided by a physician expert and using Boston Scientific products.

Upon completion, physicians will gain a deeper understanding of clinical decisions related to patient selections, treatment algorithms and patient follow-up. The program is designed to increase the physician’s comfort and confidence related to advanced procedural techniques intended to improve the efficiency of the OR and improve the quality of patient care.

A typical course includes:

  • Didactic and discussions around the practical approach to clinical theory
  • Case observations focusing on advanced procedural technique
  • Discussions around best practices, mesh characteristics and OR efficiencies while maintaining clinical outcomes


National Cadaver Lab Programs

The National Cadaver Lab Programs consist of either a one- or two-day session that includes both peer-to-peer didactic overview and hands-on cadaver experience for the use of Urology and Women’s Health products in a simulated OR setting. This program offers a conducive learning environment with top experts in the field that will focus on surgical techniques and anatomic approaches reinforced with didactic and cadaveric-based, hands-on training. At the conclusion of the lab, a faculty panel will discuss questions and case studies.


Educational Lecture Programs

Educational Lecture Programs are conducted in cities throughout the U.S. to address various educational needs. These programs allow the HCPs to engage in lively discussion and debate with other HCP experts through an informal setting close to home. The HCP faculty provides lectures and/or case reviews on current clinical issues relating to the safe and effective use of Boston Scientific’s products. Faculty could be present at the dinner or participating via real-time video conferencing.