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LATITUDE Clarity™ Data Management System

Get to what matters—fast

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Now, you can make critical decisions with confidence. The LATITUDE Clarity System allows you to you see the bigger picture when it matters—and gives you the details to back it up.

Video image with "Putting data to work for you. See how the LATITUDE Clarity System helps you see the bigger picture when it matters, streamline your workflow and enhance patient care."

Putting data to work for you

See how the LATITUDE Clarity System helps you see the bigger picture when it matters, streamline your workflow and enhance patient care.


Efficient data management

See the big picture more clearly

The LATITUDE Clarity System streamlines your workflow by sending only the information you need—the way you want to see it. Evaluate alerts and review data easily, so you can make critical decisions with confidence.

Combining clear S-ECG signal quality with convenient annotation and zoom tools, the system helps your team save time reviewing and assessing data. Plus, you can adjust device settings remotely, so your patients can stay home—and you can stay on top of everything.



Built for ICM workflows

A separate section on the LATITUDE website built exclusively for managing LUX-Dx ICM patients lets you switch back and forth between insertable cardiac monitor (ICM) and therapy patients in one click.

Dashboard view of LATITUDE Clarity System navigation.

Dashboard view

Streamlined navigation and interface make data review quick and customizable to fit individual preferences while helping you prioritize your daily tasks.

S-ECG signal with measurement of 790ms.

S-ECG signal quality and event review tools

Clear S-ECGs with advanced zooming and annotating tools help save time and offer confidence in event review.
Remote programming dashboard of LATITUDE Clarity System with AF, Pause, Tachy and Brady toggle buttons.

Remote programming

Easily adjust device settings remotely to fine-tune detection parameters and accelerate critical decision making—without bringing patients in for another appointment.
Send Message to Patient and options Your clinic will contact you and Please contact your clinic and Message patient button.

Patient compliance and communication

One-way messages to the myLUX Patient app help save time confirming data review and ease patient anxiety.
LATITUDE Clarity System dashboard with Manage EMR integration: John Smith, Initiated, and mail icon with Send to EMR.

Full interrogations with alerts

Full interrogation with alerts and EMR integration improve efficiency and fit your clinic workflow.
Reports for: SMITH, JOHN and Follow-up Report, Event Detail Report (checked) and Programming Report.

Customizable reports

Consolidated, flexible reports put all relevant information in one place for enhanced speed and convenience.

LATITUDE Clarity Demo

Laptop with video of demonstration site for the LATITUDE Clarity Data Management System, with fictional patient data.


LUX-Dx ICM workflow tools

Device Clinic Resource Guide

Explore this interactive guide featuring tips and instructions to help you integrate the LUX-Dx ICM system into your practice, including how to:

  • Configure the system to fit your clinic workflow 
  • Enroll patients, activate their device and educate them about their condition 
  • Optimize patient data review and follow-up 
  • Adjust remote programming settings based on your workflow and patients’ needs 
  • Activate and interrogate devices using the clinic and patient mobile apps
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Education & training

Sign in to EDUCARE for a variety of resources to help you integrate the LUX-Dx ICM into your practice, including:

  • Continuing education courses
  • Webinars
  • Insertion procedure animation
  • How-to guides
  • Billing and coding information
  • Patient education materials

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Find resources to help integrate the LUX-Dx ICM into your practice.
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