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Lab Agent shipping information and resources


Standard shipping

Shipping on your Boston Scientific Orders is fast and free. Lab Agent has default free 2-day shipping.

Overnight shipping

In the Lab Agent app, select overnight shipping with standard 3pm next-day arrival, when placing an order. Standard shipping rates would still apply.

Multi-location shipping

In the Lab Agent app you can select a shipping destination for your order from any shipping address associated with your Boston Scientific account. One ship-to location per order.

In-app shipping tracking

Track your order every step of the way in the Lab Agent app to help you and your team better plan for product delivery delays. 

You will also receive any backordered and/or discontinued notifications during the order process.


App updates

For any future app updates, please follow the below directions to update your Lab Agent app for any future app updates.

Screenshot instructions to update app


If you have any additional questions, reach out to your location Boston Scientific representative or email