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Urethral Bulking Injection

Coaptite product image
Coaptite injection procedure
SidekickTM Needle — Designed for patient comfort, to reduce trauma to surrounding tissue and to guide placement.
Easy-to-Use Syringe — Comfortable fit in hand without need for additional administration device.
Coaptite injection is used to obtain closure at the bladder neck to mid-urethra.

Coaptite urethral bulking injection provides coaptation of the bladder neck and/or mid-urethra for women who have stress urinary incontinence (SUI). This long lasting* yet non-permanent option provides a less invasive choice to meet the individual treatment goals of each SUI patient.

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Product Details

Safe, inherently biocompatible material

  • Biodegradable, composed of particles made of the same components that make up bone and teeth, and a saline-based carrier gel
  • Forms an even distribution of particles with a degree of interstitial space that creates a scaffold for possible tissue ingrowth
  • Adds volume to coapt the urethra for women who suffer from SUI due to intrinsic sphincteric deficiency (ISD)

Procedural ease-of-use

  • Designed to provide procedural ease-of-use and durability without the need for additional, bulky administration devices
  • Achieves comparable outcomes to traditional, gold-standard bovine collagen3 with fewer re-injections and less material volume
Sidekick Needle and Easy-to-Use Syringe

Post-Approval Study Demonstrates Long-Lasting Relief and High Efficacy

Coaptite maintains high success rates through 3 years2
Success rates infographic.
Comparable efficacy to traditional bovine collagen3
Comparable efficacy infographic.

A More Natural Bulk

Coaptite’s inherently biocompatible material not only provides volume, it also facilitates the in-growth of new tissue in the area injected.1

Less Volume, Less Hassle

Less material volume means fewer syringe exchanges, potentially reducing time in the procedure and the risk of needle movement during injections.3

Ordering Information

Product CodeDescription
M0068903000Coaptite™ Implant, 1 ml syringe each
M0068903040Sidekick™ Needle, 14.6 inch, 21 ga.


Summary of Clinical Trials

See how the Coaptite™ Injectable Implant, a natural, minimally invasive option for effective SUI relief compares to other bulking agents and clinical trial outcomes.