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Vascular Self-Expanding Stent System

Ideal for the Iliac: Epic Stent System
Ideal for the Iliac: Epic Stent System

Ideal for the Iliac: The Epic Stent is a self-expanding Nitinol stent designed to sustain vessel patency, while providing enhanced visibility and accuracy during placement.

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Product Details


Epic Stent System provides exactly the right balance

Exceptional Flexibility
  • Tandem Architecture™ Stent Design features Macro™, Medium and Micro™ Struts, as well as patented connector patterns—designed to optimize flexibility
  • Hybrid Architecture Design with open- and closed-cell geometry engineered to provide flexibility and deployment uniformity
Balanced Radial Force
  • Macro and Micro Struts are engineered to work in tandem for balanced force—even in tortuous vasculature
Excellent Deployment Accuracy
  • Ergonomic handle with two convenient deployment options: thumb wheel and pull grip
  • Radiopaque stent markers and catheter shaft marker band enhance visibility and simplify placement
Fracture Resistance
  • Meticulous surface finishing and polishing to remove imperfections and improve fracture resistance
  • Tandem Architecture Stent Design engineered to bend and flex and reduce the risk of fracture
  • High-grade Nitinol tubing



Epic Vascular Self-Expanding Stent System Schematic



Product Specifications

Stent Diameters 6 to 12 mm
Stent Lengths 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 mm
Catheter Lengths 75, 120 cm
Guide Wire System 0.035" OTW
Introducer Sheath Compatibility 6 F across all sizes
Catheter Nominal O.D. 0.079" to 0.077" (distal to proximal)



Epic Stent Size Matrix

6 F Compatibility Across All Sizes
Length (mm)
Diameter (mm)
  20 30 40 60 80 100 120
Catheter lengths: 75 cm, 120 cm
Guidewire system: 0.035" OTW




The C-code used for this product is C1876, Stent, non-coated/non-covered with delivery system. C-codes are used for hospital outpatient device reporting for Medicare and some private payers.

Note: Boston Scientific is not responsible for the correct use of codes on submitted claims; this information does not constitute reimbursement or legal advice.



ORION Clinical Information

A Boston Scientific Study of the Epic Self-Expanding Nitonol Stent System in the treatment of Atherosclerotic Lesions in Iliac Arteries



ORION US IDE Clinical Trial to demonstrate similar patency across all TASC classifications



12-month Primary Patency by TASC Classification

chart:12-month primary patency at TASC classification


12-month data

  • 0% MI at 30 days (0/111)
  • 3.4% MAE at 9-months (4/117)
  • 0% MI in-hospital (0/111)
  • 5.4% TVR at 12-months (6/111)
  • 0% Amputation of index limb at 12-months (0/111)
12-month Primary data image


Composite Success Rates

Composite Success Rates image
  • 100% Technical Success
    (Per lesion) (166/166)
  • 99.2% Procedural Success
    (Per subject) (124/125)
  • 95.3% Late Clinical Success at 12 months
  • (Per subject) (101/106)



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