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Everolimus-Eluting Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent System

The SYNERGY Stent is designed so its attributes synergistically work together to promote optimal healing within the vessel.1

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Product Details

SYNERGY Coronary Stent System - Heal with Confidence SYNERGY Coronary Stent System - Heal with Confidence

Drug Eluting stent technology with durable polymer has shown encouraging efficacy compared to bare metal stents, significantly reducing restenosis and revascularization procedures.  Still there remains a concern with long-term durable polymer exposure.

What if there was a technology that offered the benefits of being able to improve the ability to acutely treat patients, improve the vessel's ability to heal, and free patients from long-term polymer exposure?

Introducing the SYNERGY Stent

Designed to help patients heal from day one and beyond.

Ordering Information

SYNERGY Stent Monorail™ Catheter - Product Ordering Information

Ø (mm) Stent Length (mm)  Over Expansion Capability
8 12 16 20 24 28 32 38
2.25 H7493926008220 H7493926012220 H7493926016220 H7493926020220 H7493926024220 H7493926028220 H7493926032220 H7493926038220 3.5
2.5 H7493926008250 H7493926012250 H7493926016250 H7493926020250 H7493926024250 H7493926028250 H7493926032250 H7493926038250 3.5
2.75 H7493926008270 H7493926012270 H7493926016270 H7493926020270 H7493926024270 H7493926028270 H7493926032270 H7493926038270 3.5
3 H7493926008300 H7493926012300 H7493926016300 H7493926020300 H7493926024300 H7493926028300 H7493926032300 H7493926038300 4.25
3.5 H7493926008350 H7493926012350 H7493926016350 H7493926020350 H7493926024350 H7493926028350 H7493926032350 H7493926038350 4.25
4 H7493926008400 H7493926012400 H7493926016400 H7493926020400 H7493926024400 H7493926028400 H7493926032400 H7493926038400 5.75

Clinical Information

SYNERGY Stent Clinical Program and Research

Addressing the full spectrum of cardiovascular disease complexity

The SYNERGY Stent design goals are to address the needs surrounding complex PCI. As a result, Boston Scientific established a robust clinical trial program that will study the SYNERGY Stent in many different patient populations that interventional cardiologists see in their everyday practice.