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Paclitaxel-Eluting Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent System

A new standard in strength, deliverability, and visibility.

The ION Stent combines the consistent and proven clinical performance of Paclitaxel with the exceptional visibility, strength, and flexibility of our PtCr platform.

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Product Details

Platinum Chromium, the foundation of the ION Stent, is engineered for exceptional visibility, strength, and flexibility.

  • Platinum has over two times the density of iron or cobalt resulting in exceptional radiopacity characteristics
  • Platinum is evenly distributed throughout the alloy resulting in appropriate visibility
  • When platinum is combined with stainless steel, the overall strength of the alloy is increased enabling thinner struts without compromise to strength, flexibility or visibility

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(mm) STENT LENGTH (mm)      
  8 12 16 20
2.25 H7493902408220 H7493902412220 H7493902416220 H7493902420220
2.5 H7493602408250 H7493902412250 H7493902416250 H7493902420250
2.75 H7493902408270 H7493902412270 H7493902416270 H7493902420270
3 H7493902408300 H7493902412300 H7493902416300 H7493902420300
3.5 H7493902408350 H7493902412350 H7493902416350 H7493902420350
4 H7493902408400 H7493902412400 H7493902416400 H7493902420400
(mm) STENT LENGTH (mm)      
  24 28 32 38
2.25 H7493902424220 H7493902428220 H7493902432220 N/A
2.5 H7493902424250 H7493902428250 H7493902432250 N/A
2.75 H7493902424270 H7493902428270 H7493902432270 H7493902438270
3 H7493902424300 H7493902428300 H7493902432300 H7493902438300
3.5 H7493902424350 H7493902428350 H7493902432350 H7493902438350
4 H7493902424400 H7493902428400 H7493902432400 H7493902438400


(mm) STENT LENGTH (mm)      
  8 12 16 20
2.25 H7493902308220 H7493902312220 H7493902316220 H7493902320220
2.5 H7493902308250 H7493902312250 H7493902316250 H7493902320250
2.75 H7493902308270 H7493902312270 H7493902316270 H7493902320270
3 H7493902308300 H7493902312300 H7493902316300 H7493902320300
3.5 H7493902308350 H7493902312350 H7493902316350 H7493902320350
4 H7493902308400 H7493902312400 H7493902316400 H7493902320400
(mm) STENT LENGTH (mm)      
  24 28 32 38
2.25 H7493902324220 H7493902328220 H7493902332220 N/A
2.5 H7493902324250 H7493902328250 H7493902332250 N/A
2.75 H7493902324270 H7493902328270 H7493902332270 H7493902338270
3 H7493902324300 H7493902328300 H7493902332300 H7493902338300
3.5 H7493902324350 H7493902328350 H7493902332350 H7493902338350
4 H7493902324400 H7493902328400 H7493902332400 H7493902338400

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