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RX Cannulating Sphincterotome

Jagtome™ - RX Cannulating Sphincterotome
Illustration showing tip movement capabilities
Illustration of the the center-lumen design
Tip orientation and cut-wire positioning capabilities help facilitate cannulation.
Illustration shows tip movement capabilities that help facilitate cannulation.
The center-lumen design* is the result of DirecTip™ Technology. *Does not apply to the 4.9Fr size.

The Jagtome RX Cannulating Sphincterotome is preloaded with a Jagwire™ High Performance Guidewire to facilitate efficient cannulation.

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Product Details

DirecTip™ Technology

The Jagtome RX Cannulating Sphincterotome has a center-lumen design* that is the result of DirecTip Technology. The center lumen allows the guidewire to extend from the center of the sphincterotome to aid in positioning and facilitates wireguided cannulation. Wireguided Cannulation may help reduce the risk of post-ERCP pancreatitis compared with the standard contrast injection method.1

DirecTip Technology enables the guidewire and contrast to be directed into the duct from the center of the tip, helping the physician inject contrast into the intended duct. The tapered tip enables placement into small or tight orifices.

*Does not apply to the 4.9Fr size.


Ordering Information

Schematic illustration of Jagtome™ RX Cannulating Sphincterotome
GTINOrder NumberDescriptionCut Wire (mm)Tip Length (mm)Pre-loaded Guidewire
08714729776710M00573000Jagtome RX 4920
.035" / 260cm Jagwire™ Guidewire
08714729776727M00573010Jagtome RX 4920
5.035" / 450cm Jagwire Guidewire
08714729776734M00573020Jagtome RX 4930
5.035" / 260cm Jagwire Guidewire
08714729776741M00573030Jagtome RX 4930
5.035" / 450cm Jagwire Guidewire
08714729776659M00573040Jagtome RX 44205.035" / 260cm Jagwire Guidewire
08714729776666M00573050Jagtome RX 44205.035" / 450cm Jagwire Guidewire
08714729776673M00573060Jagtome RX 44305.035" / 260cm Jagwire Guidewire
08714729776543M00573070Jagtome RX 44305.035" / 450cm Jagwire Guidewire
08714729776642M00573080Jagtome RX 39205.025" / 260cm Jagwire Guidewire
08714729776550M00573090Jagtome RX 39205.025" / 450cm Jagwire Guidewire
08714729776536M00573100Jagtome RX 39305.025" / 260cm Jagwire Guidewire
08714729776529M00573110Jagtome RX 39305.025 / 450cm Jagwire Guidewire
Active Cords sold separately.


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