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RF Cannulae

Radiofrequency Ablation for Pain Management

RF Cannulae
RF Cannulae
Available in a wide variety of sizes.
Color coded to match the electrode of corresponding length.

RF Cannulae with siliconized insulation are designed to offer enhanced lubricity. The EchoRF™ cannulae are designed to have enhanced visibility under ultrasound.


Products Detail

All Boston Scientific cannulae are available in a wide variety of sizes, and are color coded to match the electrode
of corresponding length. 

Available Tips 

  • Straight Sharp
  • Curved Sharp
  • Curved Blunt

Available Lengths

  • 5CM 
  • 10CM 
  • 15CM
  • 20CM

Unified RF Injection Electrode

All-In-One Electrode, Cannula and Injection Tube

Unique to Boston Scientific, the Unified RF Injection Electrode is designed to simplify your RF ablation procedures.

This all-in-one disposable includes the cannula, electrode, and injection tube in one simplified device and is engineered to minimize cannulae movement, giving you confidence in functionality, precision, and control.

  • EASE OF USE: Designed to simplify your RF procedure — the functionality of three products in one

  • STREAMLINED: Engineered to minimize steps due to the all-in-one design 

  • MORE OPTIONS: Thoughtfully designed to reduce your fluoroscopy exposure with EchoRF ultrasound guided tips 

  • CONVENIENT: Developed as a sterile-packed, one-time use kit to eliminate sterilization planning 
Disposable TCD electrodes and Disposable Unified electrodes are also available in convenient 4-piece procedure packs.


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Indications, Safety, and Warnings

Read the RF Cannulae Indications for Use, Precautions and other Safety Information.