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Transvaginal Mid-Urethral Sling System

Advantage Sling System with Advantage Blue Mesh.
Close up of Blue Mesh.
3D Illustration of Advantage Blue Sling System.
Advantage Blue Sling System
Advantage Blue Sling System
Advantage Sling System

The Advantage Sling System was designed with mesh tensioning and delivery in mind, and includes a centering tab designed to assist with alignment and tensioning of the mesh. The sling delivery device is comprised of an ergonomic handle designed to provide tactile feedback and a curved needle designed to fit behind the pubic bone.

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Product Details

Advantage Mesh Sling

Centering Tab

  • Designed for proper alignment of the center of the mesh under the urethra
  • Allows the physician to apply counter tension to the sling assembly while preserving the mesh integrity

Mesh Assembly

  • Mesh is free floating in the protective sleeve
  • Ultra-smooth bond to dilator designed to facilitate a seamless transition with no "lip" to catch on tissue


  • Smooth tapered design to slide through tissue
  • Slip on — slip off design allows for perioperative manipulation
  • Blue dilator designed to facilitate visualization during cystoscopy

Delivery Device

Delivery Device Handle

  • Non-skid grip designed to prevent hands from slipping during the intra-operative manipulation
  • Ergonomic handle is designed to fit into operator's palm to allow for ambidextrous use
  • Hard surface of the back rim provides tactile sensation from the distal tip to the physician’s hand indicating contact with solid surfaces like bone

Curved Needle Tip

  • Needle curve is designed to fit behind the pubic bone
  • Needle is 5 mm in diameter

Dilator Pusher

  • Extends the dilator tube beyond the distal tip of the needle and is designed to provide the physician enough space to clamp the dilator

De-Tanged Polypropylene Material

A de-tanged suburethral portion designed to maintain its integrity during tensioning and potentially reduce irritation to the urethral wall1

Ordering Information

Order NumberUPNDescriptionQuantity
850205M0068502050Advantage Blue System
Single Unit
850200M0068502000Advantage SystemSingle Unit

Each System includes One (1) Delivery Device and One (1) Mesh Assembly