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Advantage Fit™ Ultra

Transvaginal Mid-Urethral Sling System

Advantage Fit Sling System with Advantage Blue Mesh
Advantage Fit delivery device handle.
Advantage Fit close up of finger pusher.
Advantage Fit delivery device and mesh.
Advantage Fit Ultra Sling System with Advantage Blue Mesh
Delivery Device Handle — Ergonomic handle designed to fit into physician’s hand and allow for ambidextrous use.
Finger Pusher — Designed with pusher for ergonomic finger placement to provide the user with greater needle stability and control during delivery.
Blue Sheath — Enables visualization during cystoscopy. Centering Tab — Designed to provide the ability to visualize tensioning and centering after sleeve removal and an updated removal process.

Paired with clinically supported Advantage™ optical blue mesh, the Advantage Fit Ultra System features a sling delivery device with a 46% thinner shaft and 17% tighter curve1 compared to Advantage Ultra, which is designed to reduce insertion force and leave the mesh closer to the pubic bone.

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Features & Benefits

The Newest Evolution in Sling Systems

Fueled by physician insights and feedback, Ultra innovation is designed to improve provider experience by enhancing sling delivery to drive procedural efficiency, mesh visualization and tensioning consistency across the Ultra Family of Slings.

Trocar features: ergonomically designed handle with non-skid grip, dilator pusher and curved needle tip. Mesh features: sleek, suture-release centering tab, 1cm exposed mesh, lay flat two-sleeve design, clinically supported blue mesh and blue dilators.

Product Details

Trusted polypropylene mesh1,2

  • De-tanged suburethral portion** designed to maintain its integrity during tensioning and potentially reduce irritation to the urethral wall1
  • Mesh thickness: 0.66 mm
  • Pore size: 1182 μm
  • Fiber size (diameter): 0.15 mm
  • Weight: 100 g/m2

Ordering information

Product CodeDescriptionQuantity
M0068502160Advantage Fit™ Ultra System
1 Delivery Device and 1 Mesh Assembly