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Access System

Designed to improve implant success, the WATCHMAN TruSteer™ Access System optimizes coaxial device positioning in the widest range of LAA anatomies.

Key Resources

Bi-directional steering

Bi-directional steering and a wider range of motion allow access to the greatest range of anatomies.

Ergonomic handle

Ergonomic handle designed to give implanters more control for optimized device positioning.

Reduce device/sheath offset (core wire bias)

Coaxial alignment after deployment results in more accurate contrast shot and confident tug assessment before release.

WATCHMAN TruSteer Access System Specifications



A greater range of motion to reach a wider range of anatomies

WATCHMAN TruSteer range of motion graphic



WATCHMAN TruSteer™ Access System

WATCHMAN TruSteer Access System WATCHMAN TruSteer Access Sheath and Dilator
Inside Diameter 12F
Outside Diameter 17F
Recommended Guidewire 0.035 in (0.89 mm)
Sheath Material Braided Pebax® with PTFE liner and platinum/iridium marker band
Hub Material Pebax® with polycarbonate cap
Dilator High density polyethylene (HDPE)/low density polyethylene (LDPE) 50:50 blend
Use Single Use
Sterilization Ethylene Oxide Gas