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Platinum Plus

Guidewire .014" & .018"

Platinum Plus™ Guidewire .014" & .018"
Platinum Plus™ Guidewire 

Extra Support for contralateral approach and device delivery, enhanced tip strength for crossing stenosed lesions.

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Product Details

Tip design: spring coil

Core: extra support stainless steel shaft

Coating: 018” available in hydrophilic and Silicone (non-hydrophilic) 

Unique benefits: 4-5g tip load (.018”), 7g tip load (.014”), platinum coil tip for visibility

Product Specifications

Tip StyleTip TaperDistal CoatingDiameter (in)Length (cm)
Straight, shapeableShort (3cm)Glidex™ Hydrophilic.014180, 300
Straight, shapeableShort (3cm)Glidex Hydrophilic or Mediglide™ Silicone.01860, 180, 260
Straight, shapeableLong (8cm)Mediglide Silicone.018145, 180, 260
Straight, shapeableShort (3cm)Mediglide Silicone.025180, 260