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Hydra Jagwire™

High Performance Guidewire

Hydra Jagwire™ - High Performance Guidewire
Image of striped movement markers
A choice of straight or angled tip.
Striped movement markers designed to indicate wire positioning

The Hydra Jagwire Guidewire offers two tips on a single guidewire - a 10cm and a 5cm hydrophilic tip - giving physicians the ability to work with one or both. The 10cm hydrophilic Dream Tip™ End is designed for soft, smooth access. Its Endo-Glide™ Coating promotes smooth tracking and enhances tactile sensation.



Product Details

Side-loading Torque Device designed for effective guidewire tip manipulation.

  • Engineered to facilitate deep cannulation of the common bile duct.
  • The Endo-Glide Coating promotes smooth tracking and enhances tactile sensation.
  • Kink-resistant, nitinol shaft engineered for wire control and manipulation capabilities.
Image of side-loading torque device

Ordering Information

Diagram of Hydra Jagwire showing different tip lengths
GTINOrder NumberDescriptionDistal Tip O.D. (in)Working Length (cm)Dream Tip StyleTipPackaging
08714729648437M00556001Hydra Jagwire Guidewire ST.035260StraightRoundBox 2
08714729648444M00556011Hydra Jagwire Guidewire ANG.035260AngledRoundBox 2
08714729648451M00556021Hydra Jagwire Guidewire ST Stiff.035260StraightRoundBox 2
08714729648468M00556031Hydra Jagwire Guidewire ANG Stiff.035260AngledRoundBox 2
08714729648475M00556041Hydra Jagwire Guidewire ST.035450StraightRoundBox 2
08714729648482M00556051Hydra Jagwire Guidewire ANG.035450AngledRoundBox 2
08714729648499M00556061Hydra Jagwire Guidewire ST Stiff.035450StraightRoundBox 2
08714729648505M00556071Hydra Jagwire Guidewire ANG Stiff.035450AngledRoundBox 2


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