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Pushable 0.018" and 0.035" Coils

VortX Pushable Coils
VortX Pushable Coils

Successful peripheral embolization requires a systematic approach including guidewires, catheters, coils, and/or embolic materials. VortX 18 and 35 Vascular Occlusion Coils are designed with a proprietary conical shape and an apex-first deployment. VortX Coils are pushable coils designed to provide compact, complete vascular occlusion and efficient embolization.

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Product Details

  • The conical shape and dense polyester fiber placement of the VortX Vascular Occlusion Coils are designed to promote complete vascular occlusion and thrombosis.
  • The placement of dense polyester fibers promotes thrombosis.
  • A platinum construction enhances visualization under fluoroscopy.
  • Round coil ends are designed to ease advancement through microcatheters and reduce potential for vessel wall trauma.
  • A long overall coil length provides increased mass per coil compared to shorter coils used for occlusion.