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TRUSELECT™ Microcatheter Animation.
TRUSELECT™ 2.0F Microcatheter.
Selective without Sacrifice
TruSelect is a 2F microcatheter with an 0.021” ID, and the first ever 175cm length.

The unique 2.0F design and 0.021” inner diameter lets you go further, without sacrificing the superior flow rates and embolic compatibility you need.

Product Details

Selective Embolization You Control

TruSelect™ microcatheters are designed for interventionalists. Engineered with an 0.021” inner diameter within a 2.0F design and the first 175cm length, with a balance of pushability and flexibility providing enhanced trackability, TruSelect microcatheters allow interventionalists to get closer to intended targets without sacrificing flow rates or embolic choices.

High Flow Rates

Flow Rates

TruSelect provides flow rates comparable to conventional 2.4F microcatheters*, maintaining visualization even in small distal anatomy.

More Embolic Compatibility

More Embolic Compatibility

TruSelect is compatible with all 0.018” coils, spherical embolics up to 700 μm and Y-90 products, including TheraSphere™.


Extended Radial Lengths

Radial Lengths

TruSelect introduces the first ever 175 cm length microcatheter, ideal for radial access.

Truselect Enhanced Trackability

Enhanced Trackability

TruSelect is designed with a balance of pushability and flexibility for tracking through tortuous anatomy.

*Data from TruSelect DFU comparing to Terumo DFU

Ordering Information

ordering information.