Radiopaque Embolic Bead

LC Bead LUMI™ Vials
LC Bead LUMI™ Vials

LC Bead LUMI is a next-generation development of LC Bead.

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Product Description

LC Bead LUMI is a next-generation development of LC Bead. The innovative incorporation of a tri-iodobenzyl moiety in LC Bead LUMI offers inherent, long-term radiopacity, during and after treatment, even after contrast wash-out1:

  • A new level of control with real-time feedback
  • See precisely where LC Bead LUMI needs to be delivered
  • Real-time adjustments during procedure 
  • Personalized treatment with visual confirmation of treatment success
  • With lasting radiopacity, LC Bead LUMI continues to be visible in follow-up scans
  • All without comprising the proven performance of LC Bead

1. Duran R, et al. Theranostics 2016;6:28–38


Product Specifications and Sizes

LC Bead LUMI™ are precisely calibrated, radiopaque, biocompatible, nonresorbable hydrogel beads. The beads are produced from polyvinyl alcohol and contain a covalently bound radiopaque moiety.

LC Bead LUMI™ are manufactured to be inherently radiopaque and visible under imaging (Computed Tomography [CT], Cone Beam Computed Tomography [CBCT] and Fluoroscopy). LC Bead LUMI™ are available in four size ranges:

Size Label Color
40-90µm Orange
70-150µm Black
100-300µm Yellow
300-500µm Blue


  • LC Bead LUMI™ are offered in a prefilled 10ml glass vial, stoppersealed by an aluminium cap with a color-coded lid.
  • Each vial contains approximately 2ml of product in sterile phosphate buffered saline. The total volume of LC Bead LUMI™ and sterile physiological saline is approximately 8ml. 
  • Each package contains a sterile 20mm ViaLok™ Vented Vial Access Device (Yukon Medical LLC, 4021 Stirrup Creek, Durham, NC USA) for removal of LC Bead LUMI™ from the vial. 
  • Each vial of LC Bead LUMI™ is intended for single patient use only. Do not re-sterilize. Discard any unused material.