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Imager™ II

Angiographic Catheter

Photo of five Imager angiographic catheters.
Wide variety of cerebral, and visceral shapes provides the versatility to meet individual clinical needs.

Angiographic 5 F selective catheters designed with strength for optimal pushability, clear imaging and stable embolic delivery.

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Product Details

  • The 5 F Imager II is designed to work better together with Interlock™-35 Detachable Coils for consistent delivery.
  • A wide variety of radiopaque soft tip shapes provides a balance of flexibility and stability while reducing trauma during selection and contrast injection.
  • Developed to promote kink resistance and pushability with smooth tip-to-wire transition, made possible with a braided shaft and polished, tapered tip.
  • Includes Medi-Glide™ coating to enhance lubricity for sheathless insertion.