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Pericardiocentesis Kits

Perviac Kit
PERIVAC Kit with bag and clip
8.3 Fr Pigtail Catheter with sideholes

The Boston Scientific PERIVAC™ Kit is a pre-assembled kit that provides the essentials for pericardial drainage procedures.

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Product Details

Organized for Safety and Speed

  • These pre-assembled kits provide the essentials for pericardial drainage/aspirations, all in a single tray.
  • Features an 8.3 French Straight or Pigtail Drainage Catheter with side holes to promote effective drainage rate.
  • 1000cc drainage bag eliminates need to change receptacles and facilitates measurement of collected fluid.

Ordering Information

Model Description Quantity
M004 PERIVAC1P 0 PERIVAC Kit with 8.3F Pigtail Catheter 1 Kit per box
M004 PERIVAC1S 0 PERIVAC Kit with 8.3F Straight Catheter 1 Kit per box
M004 400 1 Spare 1000cc Drainage Bag (individually sterilized) 3 Units per box
Boston Scientific is a distributor of the PERIVAC kit, manufactured by Merit Medical.


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