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Dilation Assisted Stone Extraction

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CRE™ PRO Wireguided Balloon Dilatation Catheter enables consistent performance for balloon endoscopy for optimal control, efficiency and performance for Dilatation Assisted Stone Extraction (DASE).
I was impressed by the CRE PRO Wireguided Balloon Dilatation Catheter. There is improved procedural efficiency due to the ease of passability. Being able to preserve my position saves time and ultimately leads to better patient outcomes. And anytime we reduce procedure time, there is also a cost savings.

Jeremy Barber, DO, Mercy Health Muskegon, Muskegon, MI

The RX feature is great to have within the CRE Balloon Family. As the procedure stands now, if you lose the wire during the exchange and there is significant bleeding, it can be devastating. The 3cm length (CRE RX) is optimal to more precisely dilate the bile duct sphincter while maintaining a stable view of the papilla.

Dr. Rajesh Keswani, Northwestern University


  • All Boston Scientific CRE™ balloons are designed to offer three distinct diameters at three separate pressures during in vivo dilation
  • The CRE RX is shortwire compatible to enable physician control of the guidewire. With the RX locking device there is no need to float the guidewire.


  • Low profile design for improved passability through the working channel
  • High pressure balloon is designed to produce little or no balloon waisting
  • Engineered for rapid deflation
  • Wireguided options facilitate placement within tight strictures and tortuous anatomy
  • The CRE RX Contrast Injection Port is for convenience and fluoroscopic visualization


  • The new 3cm CRE RX balloon is a shorter length option for patients with altered anatomy, or when a need for varied scope position and direct approach to the papilla
  • Various balloon lengths support different clinical needs
  • Rounded shoulders facilitate visualization of the stricture while dilating
  • Platinum Iridium Radiopaque Markers facilitate positioning and enhance visualization under fluoroscopy
  • Proprietary manufacturing process using durable Pebax® material
DASE illustration