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Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) video library

Watch and learn about treating DVT blood clots. 

Signs of DVT

Patient stories

Christian C., DVT Survivor, Maryland

Christin was suffering constant leg pain, but given her age, she never suspected DVT. See how she was diagnosed and worked with her doctor to find the best treatment for her.

Susan C., DVT Survivor, Maryland

When Susan woke up with pain, swelling and discoloration in her leg, she knew something was wrong. Find out how Susan got clarity about DVT and her treatment options.

Dave T. DVT Survivor, California

Four weeks after foot surgery, Dave was diagnosed with a DVT blood clot. See how a minimally invasive treatment helped him get back to gardening and walking on the beach with his family.

Bernie M,. DVT Survivor, Wisconsin

Bernie knew something was wrong when ER doctors dismissed his severe leg pain as a muscle strain. Find out how he was diagnosed with DVT and got clarity about his treatment options.

DVT recovery process