Reducing AMS 800™ Patient Time in the OR and Hospital

Scheduled for: October 6, 2020, 7:00 PM CST 

Professor Elliott will present his technique for “the 30-minute AUS” followed by a discussion with Professor Kaufman about the efficiencies and time savings. Professor Kaufman will then present her concept of AUS as a day case procedure, followed by a discussion with Professor Elliott about patient selection and implications of this concept in the era of COVID-19. 

Topics Include:

  • The 30-minute AUS technique
  • AUS as a day case procedure
  • Implications of time savings and efficiencies in the era of COVID-19
  • An interactive Q&A panel discussion 

Featured Speakers

Sean Elliott, MD, Professor, Vice Chair of Urology and Director of Reconstructive Urology, University of Minnesota

Dr. Elliott directs a fellowship in Genitourinary Trauma and Reconstruction and the Urology Clinic at Gillette Lifetime Specialty Healthcare. His clinical interests include urethral stricture disease, male urinary incontinence, urinary diversion, male genital reconstruction and neurogenic bladder. He is a member of the Board of Directors and serves as Secretary-Treasurer of the Society of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons (GURS) and is a founding member of the Trauma and Urologic Reconstructive Network of Surgeons (TURNS).

Melissa Kaufman, MD, PhD, FACS, Professor and Chief, Division of Reconstructive Urology and Pelvic Medicine, Vanderbilt University

Dr. Kaufman’s practice focuses on female and male voiding dysfunction and incontinence, cancer survivorship, pelvic organ prolapse, neurourology, transitional care for congenital urologic conditions and urologic prosthetics, as well as reconstructive surgery for urethral stricture, fistula and trauma. Her service on behalf of the American Urological Association (AUA) membership includes participation on the Practice Guidelines Committee, Core Curriculum Committee, Assistant Editor of The Journal of Urology and the National Medical Student Curriculum Committee. She is additionally a past-president of the Society of Women in Urology.