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 Embold fibered coil on black background. Embold fibered coil device on black background

EMBOLD™ Detachable Coil System

Introducing the Embold Fibered Coil. Simple by design.

Embold Fibered is a fully retractable, .018”, highly thrombogenic1 coil built to maximize procedural flexibility and reliability. This embolic coil is used for arterial and venous embolizations in the peripheral vasculature of adults.

  • Multi-catheter compatibility
  • Kinkless performance
  • Handle-free detachment
  • Best-in-class occlusion power2


Built on the radical idea that simpler is better

Embolization tools have become unnecessarily complex. That’s why Embold is designed to take simplicity to a new level, featuring kinkless performance and best-in-class occlusion power3. This gives you more confidence in every choice, more control in every move, and more certainty in every outcome.

Request a Demo

Meet with a Boston Scientific representative to see for yourself what sets Embold embolization coils apart. Plus get all of your questions answered about how Embold compares to other coils and hear about our embolization innovation pipeline.

Embold coils drive value

Strengthen quality outcomes

Nitinol delivery system resists kinking and reduces the risk of premature coil detachment. The Embold Fibered Coil is also resistant to coil migration.

Increase operational efficiencies

Multi-catheter compatibility reduces procedure time and the number of coil and microcatheter SKUs on the shelf. The simplified design of Embold is intended to reduce the training burden for fellows and staff.

Improve financial health

The most thrombogenic, fully retractable coil, Embold Fibered reduces the number of coils needed during the procedure. And Embold’s handle-free detachment eliminates the need for an ancillary device and saves time and cost during the procedure.

Our commitment to Interventional Oncology and Embolization

Investing in new products, procedures, and evidence-based medicine

Boston Scientific offers the largest Interventional Oncology and Embolization portfolio in the industry, and we continue to bring new solutions to you regularly. We invest heavily in research, development, and clinical programs, and our investments range from targeted therapies and physician collaboration, to advancing the specialty with more treatments and procedures.

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1.  Thrombogenicity in a pre-clinical model: testing results from bovine blood flow loop. Occlusion time is an average of a single 6 x 20 coil from each manufacturer performed three times. Bench Test or pre-clinical study results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance

2,3. The testing was performed by or on behalf of BSC. Data on file.