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Advancing Care

At Boston Scientific, our commitment goes far beyond our proven, less-invasive devices. It involves working together, side-by-side, to solve the clinical challenges that matter most to you and your patients. The devices we bring to market, the training and educational programs we develop, and the support we deliver to you are a result of our collective passion and unwavering focus on the patient.
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Advocacy for All Patients

We share your desire to ensure that all patients receive optimal care. That’s why Boston Scientific is actively engaged in addressing health inequities often faced by women and people of color.  We support diverse patient advocacy efforts that focus on elevating awareness of risk factors and education on the need for screenings. 

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Patient Resources

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Patient and Community Awareness Initiatives 

Boston Scientific is committed to funding research, educating patients and improving access to care. Every year we partner with organizations whose focus it is to help to educate patients and raise awareness of colorectal and pancreatic cancer. Highlights from the program:
  • Raised almost $430,000 to support disease awareness and patient education
  • Patient materials and tools for colorectal cancer and pancreatic cancer to educate underserved patient populations
  • Support the development of patient education tools through the National Pancreas Foundation
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